A Commercial Farce – Ticket giveaway for TTC FRIENDS members

Everyone thinks it’s easy to be an actor – but it’s not !

From the formidable comic pen of The Pitch (performed at the Theatre Royal in 2008) and The China Incident comes Peter Houghton’s new take on a time-honoured tradition of the theatre…..


Bill drives a clapped out ‘68 Jag and wears second hand clothes. He’s an experienced theatre director on the verge of a nervous breakdown. There are less than 24 hours until the curtains go up and this production is unravelling… fast.
Enter Jules, the latest fresh-faced television star of Murder Squad. He’s the name that’s going to sell the tickets. Without him the show is doomed. But when Jules fails to perform the simplest of acting tasks, Bill’s raison d’être becomes teaching his young pupil the very meaning of farce using age old theatre truths.

Driven by wit, cynicism and thigh-slapping humour, A Commercial Farce is biting comedy at its best. Expect slapstick, running gags, misunderstandings and an inability to communicate the simplest of messages. It’s one big, complex and complicated dog’s breakfast – that must nonetheless unfold with blind precision.

Director Aidan Fennessy revels with Houghton’s script in a production that fuses physical humour, sexual innuendo and transgressive behaviour with an almighty bang.

check out the THEATRE ROYAL WEBSITE for more information and to book tickets

The Theatre Royal have kindly given TTC a bunch of tickets to share with our 2011 TTC FRIENDS members for Friday 18th February at 8pm.  Tickets are limited – email Julie and include if you would like 1 or 2 tickets in the body of your email.  You will receive a reply to confirm your request.  Good Luck

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