Cinema Fiasco


Geoff Wallis
& Janet A. Mcleod

After six years mesmerizing Melbourne audiences with the most delightfully dreadful movies imaginable, cult comedy/film show Cinema Fiasco (Geoff Wallis and Janet A. McLeod) head to Hobart with a trio of fabulously flawed films – all presented with hilarious LIVE commentary throughout.

The Cinema Fiasco motto: the only thing better than watching a really good movie is watching a really bad one. And watching a bad movie with Janet and Geoff is an experience you won’t want to miss! Dubbed the Margaret and David of bad films (Onstage Melbourne), Janet and Geoff have a finely-honed appreciation for awful acting, cheesy dialogue and not-so-special effects. Add to this their flair for heritage listed jokes, bad puns and bitchy banter and you can see why Cinema Fiasco is a truly unique film-going experience (Beat) promising two hours of almost constant laugh out loud hilarity (MEL: Hot or Not). Films featured in this season are:

that legendary turkey “Troll 2”,
lesbian vampire romp “The Vampire Lovers” and
direct-to-video 80s Aussie classic “Houseboat Horror”.
You’ll wish every trip to the cinema could be this much fun.

A bunch of talentless bogans  – sporting killer mullets and bad perms –  drive up to Lake Eildon to film a pop video and get chopped up by a maniac with a machete. This legendary Aussie splatter movie features sensationally bad acting and lines of dialogue so stunningly awful you’ll be quoting them for years. True to the genre, there are gory killings aplenty but the real horror is generated by the endless parade of hideous 80’s knitwear and the terrible soundtrack. Featuring wonderful B grade celebrity bit parts (eg. Animal from the Hey, Hey It’s Saturday band,  Gavin Wood aka ‘the voiceover guy from Countdown’) as well as a few legitimate A graders who – we promise you –  won’t have this one listed on their CV anymore!

A Hammer Horror heavy breather featuring a lesbian vampire (the best kind) who moves in with a stuffy general and starts nibbling the norks of the household’s hot. Featuring all the usual vampire trimmings, such as crucifixes and garlic, this desperate attempt by Hammer to get ‘with it’, features a bevy of beautiful babes who have a terrible time keeping their clothes on, plenty of gory goings-on, boobs, boobs and more boobs, and a great cast  -including stalwarts Peter Cushing and Ingrid Pitt – who seem to be taking the whole thing very seriously (which makes it all the funnier).

TROLL 2 (1990)
A perfectly awful family goes to a small town and encounters a bunch of goblins who want to turn them into plants and eat them. Made by an Italian producer after a quick buck lira, this bogus sequel (trust us – you don’t need to have seen the first one) boasts bad acting, bad direction, bad editing, bad camera work, bad dialogue (“Joshua is not a little shit. He’s just sensitive!”) and bad make-up effects which must have cost all of $20. Troll 2 goes waaaaay beyond your ordinary bad movie thanks to a lunatic quality that seems to infuse everything about it. In short, this is quite possibly the FUNNIEST BAD MOVIE EVER MADE.

Dates: 8 – 12th July:
Tuesday 8th, 8.15pm – Houseboat Horror
Wednesday 9th, 2.15pm – The Vampire Lovers
Wednesday 9th, 8.15pm – Troll 2
Thursday 10th, 7.30pm – Troll 2
Saturday 12th, 4.15pm – Houseboat Horror

Venue: The Old Woolstore Theatrette – 1 Macquarie Street, Hobart
Patron’s advise: Films may contain occasional use of strong language, violent and sexual themes. Laughing can be very good for your health.


$25, TTC Friends Members:  $20

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