The Trade

The Trade

by Aidan Fennessy, Jim Russell and Marty Sheargold


THREE blokes FORTY-SEVEN litres of paint ONE hour… YOU DO THE MATHS

The Trade is a bleakly comic insight into the humdrum lives of your common or garden variety house painters.

Steve, Stu and Gav paint houses for a living.  Steve is already immersed in disappointment but won’t admit it. Stu’s got a mean streak and his love of modern art seems incongruous. Gavin is not the sharpest knife in the drawer but has a great memory for trivia.  At 28 his parents insisted that he move out of home so he moved around the corner … Three men thrashing out their differences between coats of paint and cups of tea.

The Trade, written by actor Jim Russell, radio personality Marty Sheargold and Associate Director of the Melbourne Theatre Company Aidan Fennessy, was a smash hit at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival when it was first performed.

We are very pleased to present Andrew Casey,  Matt Wilson, and Scott Farrow in this very rude and very funny show!

Warning: Sexual references and strong language

Proudly Supported by

CO-DIRECTORS: Charles Parkinson & Guy Hooper
PERFORMERS:  Andrew Casey, Scott Farrow and Matt Wilson
DESIGNER: Jill Munro
IMAGE CREDIT ~ Richard Parkinson