The Company I Keep


SECOND ECHO ENSEMBLE, a group of 10 performers with and without disabilities travelled to New Zealand in October, where they teamed up with New Zealand’s premier disability dance company Touch Compass, to present a double bill at the Tempo Dance Festival in Auckland.

Just before they departed the company presented their work


for one performance only in Hobart

OCTOBER 15 @ the Peacock Theatre

The Company I Keep is the creation of internationally renowned writer for young people’s theatre – Finegan Kruckemeyer who was instrumental in creating the ensemble. The Company I Keep takes the audience on a journey through the sensations and emotions that we share when we dress for a first date, prepare for a party, argue with parents or simply share a quiet moment with someone we care for. A heartfelt and enriching journey, celebrating relationships as they begin, develop and keep. This is dance and gesture and voice, but above all it is humanity in all its richness. It’s the company we keep.

SECOND ECHO ENSEMBLE is jointly managed by the Tasmanian Theatre Company and Cosmos Inc, to provide a highly creative environment for young people with intellectual disabilities, in which they can work in a professional environment with other theatre artists and experienced directors and designers.

This “integrated ensemble” comprises young people with and without disabilities. But in an environment of creativity, ability becomes a redundant term, as every one of us has the ability to be creative. Using gestural movement and voice to explore emotional and energetic territory that is both universal and personal, SECOND ECHO ENSEMBLE has developed a unique style and is the only integrated theatre ensemble of its type in Tasmania.

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