The Boy With The Longest Shadow

Adam and Atticus Brown have known each other since… forever. Since they sat in a belly together and waited to be born.

And twins are all supposed to be the same… but they never are.

When they wake in the morning, Adam’s hair is nice and ready for the day, but Atticus’ looks flat and stupid.

When they catch the bus to school, Adam sits up the back with the older kids, and Atticus carries the books. When Atticus goes to say something clever to a girl, Adam always says it first, and better.

And when they stand in the sun together, even though they’re just the same height, even though they have been for every minute of their lives, Adam always seems to cast the longest shadow.

But Atticus has a plan to change all that…

Available to schools in 2012

Suitable for grades 4-8

Cost per show $440 (incl GST)

(max 150 students)


50 mins

Workshops available on request

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